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The HEWpla Trident Challenge was the first event of its kind held at the Navy SEAL Museum.  Although the tasks were tedious and in some cases, downright grueling, 300+ athletes, organized in teams of two, competed and completed the course!

HEWpla is a high-intensity innovative fitness event created by gym franchise Hard Exercise Works (HEW). Founded on the core values of the SEALs’ creed of commitment and discipline, the Hard Exercise Works fitness model strives to encourage excellence and endurance both physically and mentally; the 2017 HEWpla Trident Challenge was designed to test stamina in both.

The Hard Exercise Works race organizers and volunteers ensured the entire event ran seamlessly.

A portion of the proceeds was presented to the Navy SEAL Museum this week to directly benefit the Trident House Charities Program. Check out more 2017 events at the Navy SEAL Museum!

About Hard Exercise Works (HEW)

Modeled after the U.S. Navy SEALs training program, the Hard Exercise Works proprietary exercise methodology encompasses innovative interval based strength and endurance training. HEW was created with the intent to teach people to make exercise a lifestyle. By fostering community, changing the way members eat, and challenging them through really hard exercise, HEW has impacted tens of thousands of people in America. With an initial five-week boot camp of daily workouts, HEW coaches engage and encourage members through a variety of exercises and a flexible class schedule, boosting their confidence and celebrating fitness successes.