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Memorial Brick Program

The Navy SEAL Museum’s Memorial Brick Program began in the late Nineties and provided a way for families and fellow Frogmen to have a permanent legacy on the Museum grounds. It was so successful that it was expanded in early 2000 to include families, spouses, relatives, friends, and supporters of the Museum!

Because the Brick Program has continued to be such a success, we’ve expanded into the new sidewalk area that surrounds the Museum’s four acres. Having this new addition, we will have plenty of room to continue the Brick Program for decades to come!

Ensure your place in UDT-SEAL history and support the Navy SEAL Museum. A donation of $100 purchases your memorial brick on the Museum walkway.

NCDU, UDT, SEAL, and Scouts and Raiders members can place personalized bricks in designated Team areas of the walkway. Be sure to include your name, the team on which you served, your training class number, or other distiniction. You may also purchase a brick in memory of a teammate.

Additionally, there are special areas dedicated on the walkway for thoses outside of Naval Special Warfare Teams. Spouses, relatives, friends, and supporters of the Navy SEAL Museum may help pave the way in personalized memorial bricks, as well.

Purchase a Memorial Brick

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  • Brick Information

  • If you would like to order additional bricks, please complete a separate form for each brick and inscription

  • Price: $100.00
  • American Express

Search Our Brick Database

In our newly renovated Cold War Gallery, we’ve incorporated a touchscreen kiosk that helps our guests located their loved one’s brick on the property. It’s as easy as entering a name and pressing the “SEARCH” button. The database of new bricks will be added every time a new brick is installed, which will help our visitors locate any brick on property!