Navy SEAL Museum Ft. Pierce

Home to Artifacts from the Secret World of Naval Special Warfare

The National Navy SEAL Museum is home to one of the most unusual collections of artifacts and exhibits of any Museum. As the only Museum dedicated to the elite warriors on the Navy SEAL teams and their predecessors, our collection is your window into the secret world of Naval Special Warfare.

Mark V Special Operations Craft

Mark V Special Operations Craft
The Mark V Special Operations Craft (SOC) is an 82-foot and 52-plus ton boat operated by SWCC Special Boat Teams and was used as a medium range insertion and extraction platform for special operations forces.

Maersk Alabama Lifeboat

Maersk Alabama Lifeboat
The Maersk Alabama was captured by Somali pirates on April 8, 2009. When you visit the Museum, you can board the lifeboat upon which Captain Richard Phillips was held hostage for five days before being rescued on April 12.

Navy SEAL Memorial

Navy SEAL Memorial Wall
The National Navy SEAL Museum is home to the only Memorial dedicated solely to honoring Navy SEALs and Frogmen for their sacrifice and love of country. The centerpiece of the Memorial is a bronze sculpture of a modern Navy SEAL combat swimmer.

Naval Special Warfare K9 Memorial

Sikorsky UH-60 "Black Hawk"
The Navy SEAL Museum is so honored to have one of her works on our property, in recognition of the service and sacrifice of War Dogs beginning with their role in WWII to the present-day Global War on Terror. The Navy SEAL Museum Naval Special Warfare K9 Memorial was dedicated on November 7th at the 35th Annual Muster.

Sikorsky UH-60 “Black Hawk”

Sikorsky UH-60 "Black Hawk"
The Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk is a four-bladed, twin-engine, medium-lift utility helicopter manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft submitted the S-70 design for the Army’s Tactical Transport Aircraft System competition in 1972.

Unique Weaponry

Unique Weaponry
The Museum is home to a unique collection of weapons dating from the earliest days of special warfare. Navy SEALs have the reputation of using the best weapons available in the world. If they couldn’t buy it, they made it.

Combat Assault Dogs

Combat Assault Dogs
Visit the Museum to learn more about Combat Assault Dogs (CAD) and their invaluable role in the SEAL Teams. Agile, intelligent, obedient, and driven, the Belgian Malinois is the choice breed for the work Navy SEALs do.

Desert Storm Vehicles

The collection outside the Museum includes two vehicles that have become iconic since OPERATION Desert Storm and hostilities since 9/11. HUMVEE used by Navy SEALs in Operation Desert Storm in Kuwait and Iraq and Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle (LATV).

Patrol Boat Riverine

PBRs provided SEALs the capability to operate in the shallow canals and massive rivers of Vietnam during their earliest deployments; serving as an insertion and extraction platform and providing direct fire support if needed.

SEAL Delivery Vehicles

SDVs are employed by U.S. Navy SEAL operators. They are small free-flooding submersibles that can transport up to six combat-equipped SEALs. Free-flooding means that the SEALs are surrounded by sea water during the entire mission.

Space Program

Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) frogmen, precursors to the Navy SEALs, played a key role in the Gemini and Apollo space missions. It was the job of the Navy frogmen to leap into the water from a helicopter to recover space capsules.

Scan Eagle (UAV)

The ScanEagle in our collection is an example of the low-cost, long-endurance, autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed and built by Boeing’s Insitu Group. This miniature robotic aircraft (drone) can carry various optic and sensor technologies.

Bin Laden Compound

Model of Osama bin Laden Abbottabad Compound. The model depicts the compound known to locals in Abbottabad as “the Waziristan Haveli.” “Haveli” means “mansion” in Pashtun and Waziristan is a region in Pakistan.

WWII Era Beach Obstacles

On the grounds of the Museum are the original training obstacles dating from the founding of the joint Army and Navy Amphibious Scout and Raider School in 1942. The training base was established on the Fort Pierce beach where the Museum now stands.

Naked Warrior

The entrance to the National Navy SEAL Museum is guarded by the statue of the Naked Warrior, which specifically portrays the elite men of the U.S. Navy’s Underwater Demolition Teams of World War II.

Bronze Sculptures

Bronze sculptures in the the Memorial Garden honor Navy SEALs and their predecessors. Created by world-renowned artist Pablo Eduardo, the statues depict the evolution of Naval Special Warfare, featuring a Vietnam era Frogman, a contemporary SEAL warrior.

World War II Gallery

The all-new World War II Gallery was unveiled in November of 2017. Images, artifacts, and interactive installations tell the story from the very beginning of Naval Special Warfare, allowing visitors a better understanding of the remarkable accomplishments.

Cold War Gallery

Travel back in time and experience numerous SEAL operations and capabilities between 1945 and 2000. Several unique artifacts that help illustrate stories from Korea, Vietnam, and Panama eras, and many related to the NASA space exploration and discovery program.

SEAL Team Support

SEALs have a reputation for success because of their unwavering endurance, unparalleled bravery, and never-ceasing commitment to the mission at hand. Learn more about the selfless men who served alongside SEALs of this era.