Trident House Charities Program

Trident House Charities Program

Support Special Operations Forces & Their Families

The main objective of the Navy SEAL Museum is to promote public education by providing the opportunity to explore the history of the Navy SEALs through interactive exhibits, while honoring the fallen at the SEAL Memorial and caring for those warriors’ families through the Trident House Charities Program.

We provide care by way of Family Support for additional medical needs not covered by Federal funding, The Scholarship Program for children of the Special Operations community, the Trident House respite home, and the K9 Project for veterans.

Trident House Charities Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program

The sacrifices our Special Operations families make are immeasurable. The Navy SEAL Museum is humbled to have committed partners who come alongside our families and help support the private and higher education of these students through our Trident House Charities Scholarship Program.

Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis, based on merit and academic achievement, grade point average, SAT scores, class ranking, extracurricular activity involvement, leadership positions held, military service record, employment, and merit. Multiple scholarships of various dollar amounts are awarded annually through the application process each spring.

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Family Support

Family Support

Family support is no small feat. The needs of active duty and veterans and their families are varied, from medical and dental expenses to academic and domestic expenditures. Our program ensures funding to families who need it most, filling in the gaps where Federal funding is not available.

The Trident House

The Trident House

The National Navy SEAL Museum and Memorial Trident House is a tranquil waterfront residence located on the beautiful Indian River in Fort Pierce, Florida. The home serves as a critical and complimentary respite for the families of Special Operators as well as to other military personnel with similar needs. If you, or someone you know, is interested in staying at the Trident House, please contact the Museum for eligibility and availability.

The fully-equipped private, peaceful retreat is on the water, allowing guests to enjoy all of the varied beauty Florida has to offer. This serene environment is a powerful de-stressor and is highly conducive to the process of reconnecting families and encouraging healing.

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The K-9 Project

Partnering with Baden K-9 ( in Ontario, Canada, with the generous support of dedicated donors, the Navy SEAL Museum has donated multiple working dogs to deserving veterans of the Special Operations community. This unique program creates an effective platform to help veterans assimilate back into civilian life by facilitating a special relationship between man and dog. The bond between elite operator and elite K-9 provides the structure and fellowship many veterans find lacking upon their transition to the civilian world, something they often feel is missing after leaving years of training and combat behind.

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