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BMCM (SEAL) Rick Kaiser, USN (Ret), Chief Executive Officer

Born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Rick joined the U.S. Navy at age 17. He attended Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUD/S) training Class 109 in Coronado, CA. Rick was assigned to SEAL Team TWO in Little Creek, VA in 1980. He served at SEAL Team TWO from 1980 until 1985, specializing in winter warfare, combat diving, and sniping until he was selected for duty at SEAL Team SIX in 1985.

In 1993, Rick received the Silver Star Medal for Valor during the Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down). He served at ST-6 from 1985 through October of 2012. During his time at ST-6, Rick acted as sniper, explosives expert, lead training Chief, sniper team leader, and Deputy Operations Officer.

Rick continues to serve his country and fellow SEALs by helping to educate others about this unique special operations force and further the Frogman heritage as the Chief Executive Officer of the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum. Rick is married to Barbara Kaiser and has two children, Emily and Eric. Rick and Barbara currently reside in Vero Beach,

CDR (SEAL) Grant Mann, USN (Ret), Executive Director

Commander Mann was born in Toronto, Canada. He was raised in Vero Beach, Florida, and enlisted there in 1986. He immediately reported to Boot Camp and was subsequently assigned to the USS Harry W. Hill (DD 986), homeported out of San Diego, California. After two years on board, he was selected and attended Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training Class 162, graduating in October 1989. Commander Mann’s enlisted operational assignments include two tours onboard DD 986 as a Boatswain Mate, two deployments at SEAL Team FIVE, and seven years at SEAL Team SIX.

Upon commissioning in November 2000, he was assigned to Naval Special Warfare Unit One in Guam as the Training Officer. He returned to SEAL Team SIX in June 2004 and was assigned as the Command Training Officer overseeing the assessment, selection and training of all command personnel. In May 2012 he was assigned to NSW Group-2 Training Detachment and completed his Executive Officer tour. He returned to SEAL Team SIX in 2015 and assumed Mobility Squadron Commander, then in 2016, he moved departments to fill the Selection Training & Enhanced Performance (S.T.E.P) director position. He subsequently returned to the Command Mobility Squadron in 2018, serving as the Squadron Commander until his retirement in May 2020.

His operational overseas deployments were in support of Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Bosnia, Philippines, Iraq, Afghanistan, and East Africa. He trained with foreign forces from Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Tonga, France, Germany, and the UK. Commander Mann is the recipient of a Bronze Star Medal and numerous other awards over his 34 years of service. He and wife Wendy have been married for 34 years and have a daughter, Savannah, and son Breton. He presently serves as the Executive Director of the National Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida.

CWO5 (SEAL) Glenn Cooper, USN (Ret), Assistant Executive Director

Glenn Cooper was born and raised in Plainville, Massachusetts. He joined the Navy at age 18. He attended Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Training Class 117 in Coronado, CA. He was assigned to UDT 11 / SEAL Team FIVE where he served from 1982 until 1987, specializing in Jungle Warfare as a point man for 3 Platoons and deployments. Glenn was selected for duty to SEAL Team SIX in 1987 and served as an Assault Team member until 1990. During this time, he deployed to Panama for Operation Just Cause. His next assignment was as a 1st Phase BUD/S instructor for 18 classes and Hell weeks.

In 1993 he returned to NSWDG as an Assault Team member and Special Program manager. Glenn was commissioned as a Chief Warrant Officer in 1999 and was assigned to UNIT 4 in Puerto Rico as the Training Officer. 2002 brought him back to NSWDG where he served as the Survey Program Director, Clandestine Program Manager, Basic and Advance Training Officer. During this time, he deployed to Afghanistan and Pakistan for Operation Enduring Freedom, as well as Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. His last active-duty assignment from 2011–2013 was as the Training Officer at NSWBTC where he oversaw all SEAL and SWCC initial qualification training.

After serving 33 years, Glenn retired and worked as a Civilian Operations Officer for NSWDG. He currently serves as the Assistant Executive Director of the National Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida. He and his wife Cheryl reside in Vero Beach, Florida.

Lisa Fulton, Office Manager

Lisa is responsible for the day-to-day operations at the Museum. After studies in Computer Technologies and Business Administration, Lisa began a successful 20-year career as an Office Manager, Business Manager and Business owner. Born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised in Georgia and Florida, Lisa got her tenacity and work ethic from her parents, who were both career educators.

When the opportunity came to work at the Museum, she knew it was a perfect match. Both her husband and father are ex Navy. Lisa, her husband and two sons are all certified SCUBA divers. Her passion for diving has spanned 26 years and counting. She is extremely involved in underwater research and diving history. She collects and dives vintage dive gear as well as involvement in underwater surveys for the Reef Environmental Education Foundation and the Palm Beach Artificial Reef Program. Lisa has also trained in Martial arts and was the only female member of Total Defense Systems in Atlanta Georgia, specializing in the Indonesian systems of Kali/Silat. She is also currently president of a marine electric and electronics firm.

Elaine Ryan, National Marketing Director

Born and raised in Southern California, Elaine earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development from the University of California, San Diego. She advanced her education in photography and journalism through the UCSD Extension Program and founded her own media company in 2002. Elaine relocated to Vero Beach in 2007, continuing her career in marketing and public relations.

As the National Marketing Director for the Museum, Elaine works closely with the public and handles media relations. She is responsible for developing and defining the Museum’s marketing strategy, building brand awareness through integrated campaigns, and supporting events from ideation to iteration.

Her work in photography and writing has been published in a diverse array of media outlets, earning awards regionally and nationally. An avid endurance athlete, Elaine enjoys the accelerated pace and aggressive deadlines associated with marketing a successful Museum.

Frank Thiele, Facilities Manager

Born in Hialeah, Florida, Frank enlisted in the Army reserves at the age of 17, serving as a Cargo Specialist ensuring troops receive the supplies, weapons, equipment, and mail needed for combat operations worldwide. While serving in the reserves he worked on the civilian side as an off-road heavy equipment mechanic.

After being out of the military for eight years, Frank enlisted into the Army active duty, this time as a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic with “H8 recovery wrecker operations” skill identifier.
This position allowed him the unique opportunity to serve in numerous types of units throughout his military career, including 559th Transportation Detachment, 108th Airborne Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, 29th TSC, 19th Engineers, 5th Rangers RTB, and 61st Maintenance Company as Armament NCOIC covering all of south Korea, helping enrich his knowledge outside of his normal duties.

Frank was deployed to Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom 2005-2006. After a four-month break, he again deployed, this time to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom where he sustained injuries that would later medically retire him from active duty after a total of 17 years of faithful service.

After retiring, Frank worked as a HVAC-R journeyman until the time he started his employment with the Museum in December 2021.

Andy Brady, Community Outreach

Andy “The Legend” Brady has been a resident of Fort Pierce for thirty-nine years. Andy brings with him a strong background in hospitality, tourism, and customer service. While with the St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce, Andy built solid relationships within the business community of St. Lucie County.

As an avid surfer, Andy is involved with many civic organizations that volunteer their time to protect the natural resources. The son of a career Army officer, Andy’s father graduated from West Point on June 6th, 1944 and retired in Hampton, Va. 1970.

Margaret Chase, Retail Manager

Margaret is responsible for the purchasing, merchandising, computer operations and managing of the museum gift shop, including the store activities during Muster and other such events. She received a B.A. in Business/Political Science from Keene State College (Univ System of NH) and lived 30 years in New Hampshire before moving to Fort Pierce in 2008.

She owned and managed a business for 13 years and has worked as a market analyst for Brookstone, Inc. and a marketing/merchandiser for Hershey Corp. The daughter of a U.S. State Department, Foreign Service Officer, Margaret was born in Munich Germany and lived in several countries before spending most of her school years in Northern Virginia and the DC area.

Margaret loves to explore the outdoors in any venue, but especially on the beautiful Treasure Coast and New England.