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Navy SEAL Museum to Unveil 9/11 Remembrance Exhibit

Fort Pierce, Fla. – August 10, 2021 – The National Navy SEAL Museum today announced the opening of a special 9/11 exhibit to commemorate the innocent lives lost on September 11, 2001. The 9/11 20th Remembrance installation will be unveiled on Saturday, September 11 at 10:00 AM to commemorate the 20th year since the terrorist attacks. An opening ceremony will be led by Museum Executive Director Grant Mann.

Navy SEALs were thrust in the spotlight reluctantly following the killing of Osama bin Laden, the terrorist responsible for the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Operation Neptune Spear proved to be a significant step in the nation’s fight against Al Qaeda, but also created significant interest in the covert warriors.

The Museum’s permanent 9/11 exhibit begins the visitor’s journey through the service of Navy SEALs in a reverse chronological timeline from this horrible day in America’s history. With the addition to this exhibit, special homage is paid to the victims who lost their lives to these abhorrent acts of terrorism.

“We encourage guests of all ages to attend this special opening,” said Grant Mann, retired Navy SEAL. “The tragic events of 9/11 put Navy SEALs on the map publicly. While reluctant to be named in any mission, SEALs have been intrinsic in the fight against the Global War on Terror. Our Museum educates the public about the capabilities and humility of SEALs, and this exhibit serves as a powerful reminder of why we are trained to do what we do for the preservation of freedom and safety.”

The 9/11 20th Remembrance exhibit will open on Saturday, September 11 and run through Sunday, September 19, 2021. The ceremony is included as part of regular Museum admission.

This installation was made possible by the generous support of the Pentagon, Shine a Light Films, AVTC Production Group, Dana Beach, and the family of John Moran.

About The Navy SEAL Museum
The National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum is the only museum dedicated solely to preserving the history of the U.S. Navy SEALs and their predecessors. Located in Fort Pierce, Florida, the Museum resides on the training grounds of the original Navy combat divers, the Frogmen. Built to honor the men who served with fortitude and ingenuity, the Navy UDT-SEAL Museum first opened its doors on Veterans Day in 1985. From humble beginnings, the facility has experienced tremendous growth, achieving national stature in 2007. The main objective of the Museum remains the promotion of public education by providing the opportunity to explore the history of the Navy SEALs through interactive exhibits, while honoring the fallen at the SEAL Memorial and caring for those warriors’ families through Trident House Charities.

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