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An Extraordinary Evening at Quail Valley River Club

An Extraordinary Evening at Quail Valley River Club

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors, supporters, friends, and guests. Our Extraordinary Evening at Quail Valley River Club was just that–extraordinary–because of the friends of the Museum. We enjoyed a wonderful evening among those who are equally as passionate about our mission.

Special thanks to our guest speaker Ben Milligan, Navy SEAL, historian, and author.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our host committee SEAL Team Vero Beach. Proceeds from the evening benefit the Museum’s Trident House Charities Program.

Ben Milligan

Guest Speaker

Ben Milligan is the best seller author of By Water Beneath the Walls: The Rise of the Navy SEALs, a gripping history that chronicles the beginning of American Special Operations and the ultimate rise of Navy SEALs from unarmed Frogmen to today’s elite fighting force, told by a warrior who has lived it.

“Deeply researched, well organized, and incredibly engaging. This is our legacy with all the warts, the challenges, and the heroics in one concise volume.” – Admiral William H. McRaven, #1 New York Times bestselling author and former commander, United States Special Operations Command

By Water Beneath the Walls

A gripping history chronicling the fits and starts of American Special Operations and the ultimate rise of the Navy SEALs from unarmed Frogmen to elite, go-anywhere commandos—as told by one of their own.

How did the US Navy—the branch of the US military tasked with patrolling the oceans—ever manage to produce a unit of raiders trained to operate on land? And how, against all odds, did that unit become one of the world’s most elite commando forces, routinely striking thousands of miles from the water on the battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, even Central Africa?

Behind the SEALs’ improbable rise lies the most remarkable underdog story in American military history—former Navy SEAL Benjamin H. Milligan captures it as never before. Told through the eyes of notable leaders and racing from one longshot, hair-curling raid to the next, By Water Beneath The Walls is a tale of the unit’s heroic naval predecessors, and the evolution of the SEALs themselves. But it’s also the story of the forging of American special operations as a whole—and how the SEALs emerged from the fires as America’s first permanent commando force, when again and again some other unit seemed predestined to seize that role.

Here Milligan thrillingly captures the outsize feats of the SEALs’ Frogmen forefathers in World War II, the Korean War, and elsewhere, even as he plunges us into the second front of interservice rivalries and personal ambition that shaped the SEALs’ evolution. In equally vivid, masterful detail, he chronicles key early missions undertaken by units like the Marine Raiders, Army Rangers, and Green Berets, showing us how these fateful, bloody moments helped create the modern American commando—even as they opened up pivotal opportunities for the Navy. Benjamin H. Milligan also takes us alongside as the SEALs at last seize the mantle of commando raiding, and discover the missions of capture/kill and counterterrorism that would define them for decades to come.

Written with the insight that can only come from a combat veteran and a member of the book’s tribe, By Water Beneath the Walls is an essential new history of the SEAL teams, a crackling account of desperate last stands and unforgettable characters accomplishing the impossible—and a riveting epic of the dawn of American special operations.

BENJAMIN H. MILLIGAN became a US Navy SEAL in 2001. He is a recipient of the Bronze Star and other awards. A native of Indianapolis, he currently lives in the Chicago area and has three sons.

SEAL Team Vero Beach
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Silent Auction

Custom Gorilla Arms M4

Custom Gorilla Arms M4

Custom made in Vero Beach, Florida, the Gorilla Arms M4 is recognized _or its performance and reliability. The M4 is used extensively by the United States Special Operations Forces as the primary weapon of choice, providing warriors operating in close quarters with improved handling, and the capability to rapidly and accurately engage targets at extended range. The Gorilla Arms M4 claims a 16-inch barrel and collapsible stock. The collapsible iron sights offer accurate shooting with the ability to fold down and out of the way when not in use. Engraved with the official U.S. Navy SEAL Trident–authorized only for Navy SEAL Museum–this weapon is unparalleled in performance and aesthetics.

Frogman Timepiece

Frogman Timepiece

This Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman has been custom made for the Museum. The trademark “screw cap” is still an integral feature of the watch, as well as the finely crafted mechanism and bezel. However, the back of the watch has been engraved with the Navy SEAL Trident, along with their famous slogan “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.”

With only twenty-five in existence, the Frogman timepiece is extremely rare; the Navy SEAL Museum is the only entity allowed to have them in possession. Further enhancing the value of this watch is the fact that they are not for sale and have not been made available to the general public. These timepieces are as unique as the people they seek to honor. This extremely limited watch will quickly become a favorite of yours.

Custom Glock 19 Liberty or Death Built by Tailored Arms
Custom Glock 19 Liberty or Death Built by Tailored Arms

Custom Glock 19 Liberty or Death Built by Tailored Arms

The Glock 19 is famous for its sturdy polymer and metal frame, mystical reliability, and concealability. As one of the best-concealed carry pistols, the Glock 19 has become a top choice for the masses. The Glock 19 features an iconic square shape, with the bottom frame built from a durable polymer and a metal slide. A modern pistol, the Glock’s metal inner workings, slide, and barrel are all crafted from treated steel. Glock has perfected and popularized the polymer pistol frame, proving decade after decade the polymer frame design is rugged and reliable. Remarkably rugged, the Glock 19 is difficult to scratch or damage. This weapon is exceptionally streamlined and exceptionally accurate. The Glock 19 has an expansive double stacked mag capacity of 15 rounds of 9mm plus one. This magazine size is superb for a compact pistol designed for everyday carry. 15 rounds has become the standard for compact firearms–and Glock has been at the forefront with the 19.

This Custom Glock 19 Liberty or Death was built exclusively for the Navy SEAL Museum, laser engraved with Navy SEAL Operators defending our nation’s freedom.

This weapon features:
Custom milled slide with RMR and cover; threaded stainless engraved barrel; night suppressor sights; Cerakote* stainless and distressed graphite; billet backplate; drop-in adjustable billet trigger; performance spring set; extended release/stop; extended slide lock; stainless steel pin set; 1 OEM magazine with reloader.

About Tailored Arms
Tailored Arms is proud to be a part of the active SEAL/SWCC community. With their owners having a combined experience of 35 years in NSW, Law Enforcement, and Federal Government, they pride themselves in building truly one-of-a-kind firearms. Hand built in Key Largo, Florida, Tailored Arms offers world class rifles, pistols, and knives using the most current and relevant technologies. All rifles are built with state-of-the-art components such as Billet 7075/aircraft Aluminum, Titanium, Drop-in trigger assemblies, patented low recoil Muzzle Breaks, and even as far as using Magnesium and Carbon Fiber for unbelievable weight savings. Striving for perfection is key, all while looking good doing it. Each piece is considered a work of art, and we use tools such as custom Concept Design, CNC, Custom Cerakote, and precision Engraving to bring your ideas to life. Knowing firsthand how important of a lifesaving tool a weapon is, we don’t sleep until we know it passes our stringent testing and approval.

Liquid Metal Design Battle Worn Flag Custom with World Trade Center Beam

Liquid Metal Design Battle Worn Flag Custom with World Trade Center Beam

This Stars and Stripes Battle Worn American Flag has been customized with a piece of one of the beams collected from the World Trade Center site following the tragedy of 9/11. Commemorating the Americans who lost their lives on September 11, this piece is symbolic of the freedom that could not be destroyed.

This original piece measures 23” long and 14” high.

Based in Florida, Liquid Metal Designs creates custom art for your home, office, Mancave or She Shed. Liquid Metal Designs creates handmade metal art, inspired by freedom, patriotism, and the dedication of our military and first responders. The metal designs are created by hand and used to create individual works of art. Custom designs make a nice addition to any patriot’s home and are a unique gift for loved ones in the military, police, or emergency services.

Indulge Your Mind & Body

Indulge Your Mind & Body

The Mind & Body Spa Day Wellness Basket was thoughtfully curated with your health in mind. Included in this package is a 50-minute deep tissue massage, 50-minute facial, 80-minute signature manicure and pedicure, and IV nutrient infusion session in the Drip Lounge for your Vitamin B12 injection.

Also included in this indulgent package is Dermalogica Biolumin-C Eye Serum, Hurraw Hand Balm Lemon Coconut Pulp, Hotsy Totsy Sandalwood and Hickory Soap, Hotsy Totsy Grapefruit and Rosemary Soap, as well as H.T. Grapefruit and Rosemary Body Frosting.

Complimentary lunch will be provided as part of this very special experience.

Please call ahead to schedule your exclusive package. 772.400.2020

This Wellness Basket is valued at more than $500.

“Museum Working Dogs” Print by Liliana Thelander

“Museum Working Dogs” Print by Liliana Thelander

The Navy SEAL Museum is committed to supporting both active duty and veterans–and their families. The proud and devoted wife of a Navy SEAL, Liliana Thelander is truly an unspoken hero, quietly serving behind a man who has dedicated his life to service. A talented artist, Liliana chose to feature the Museum’s Working Dogs, K9 Raven and K9 Bullet. This piece is a print of her original acrylic on canvas, signed by the artist. The framed piece is sure to quickly become a timeless classic for your home or office.

Liliana was born in Caracas, Venezuela where she studied Computer Science at Nueva Esparta University. She went into the banking industry and needed to learn English, which brought her to Virginia Beach where she ultimately met her husband Edwin Thelander, a Navy SEAL. In 2006, Liliana relocated with her husband and three young children to Maine.

Liliana’s contemporary realistic style of painting strives to build form and create mood by emphasizing atmosphere with a dramatic use of light. Her paintings are meant to be enjoyed at a distance and close up where they are filled with nuances. She uses oils to make her paintings come to life, with a natural eye for detail, and a keen observation of light and color. Her subjects are inspired by moments in family life, weathered objects like bottles, toys, marbles or old boxes with lots of texture, the Maine scenery and animals, either birds, pets or in the wild. She does commission work and her favorite genre is still life and animal portraits.

Navy SEAL Museum Decanter with Signature Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Collection Bottled Exclusively for the Navy SEAL Museum

Navy SEAL Museum Decanter with Signature Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Collection Bottled Exclusively for the Navy SEAL Museum

This custom engraved decanter set is the perfect conversation piece for any party. Accompanied by a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select bottled especially for the Navy SEAL Museum, the decanter set promises to be an entertaining favorite or unique gift.
Jack Daniel’s is a brand of Tennessee whiskey and the top-selling American whiskey in the world. It’s matured in their own handcrafted barrels for a balance of sweet & oaky flavor, charcoal mellowed, and matured drop by drop.

The team from the National Navy SEAL Museum personally hand-picked this bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select for you. It is our pleasure and honor to carry on the tradition of the Navy SEAL Master Chief who purchased the first Navy SEAL Barrel in 2005 but later died in combat on August 6, 2011.

Please toast to him and to all of the members of the United States Armed Forces.

“The Deed is All, Not the Glory.”