Multi-Purpose Canines Raven and Bullet
Multi-Purpose Canines Raven and Bullet

K9 Raven and K9 Bullet
The Navy SEAL Museum’s Multipurpose Canines

The Navy SEAL Museum has a few special staff members. Seven-year-old Belgian Malinois/Shepherd Raven and three-year-old Belgian Malinois Bullet are both from legendary breeder Baden K-9. Raven and Bullet don’t have to work hard to impress Museum guests. The canines are onsite with their handler.

The Museum canines do not just look like Navy SEAL Working Dogs–they are trained in the same way. Training begins at just 10 weeks old for these dogs, and it continues throughout their lives.

The Belgian Malinois, also known as the Belgian Shepherd, is the predominant breed utilized by SEAL Teams. Favored for their intelligence, agility, loyalty, and stealth, Belgian Malinois are fierce and fast with acute vision. Lighter and leaner than the German Shepherd traditionally employed as the police working dog, the Belgian Malinois sports a compact frame, which is advantageous when tandem parachute jumping or rappelling, an intrinsic part of many SEAL missions. Their exceptional sense of smell makes these canines an optimal breed for detecting Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Under the direction of Baden K-9, Raven and Bullet continue their extensive and rigorous training to ensure currency in their capability and sociability. Their ongoing education includes explosive detection training, search and rescue, and other highly specialized tactical work. As the Museum’s canines, Raven and Bullet have the unique privilege of learning their roles as deliberate working dogs, while maintaining their ability to navigate the public arena affably. While their personalities are very different, Raven and Bullet are both great assets to the Museum and delight thousands of guests annually.

Raven and Bullet have been exposed to countless training and tactical challenges, increasing both their stability and their significance as an invaluable part of the Navy SEAL Museum Team.

Baden K-9 and Tactical Schools is a family owned and operated business located in Ontario Canada. For over 40 years they have bred, raised and trained true Working Dogs for military, law enforcement and elite clientele for a global market.

Their mission is and has always been to provide the very best stable and confident dogs in an ever challenging world. With a combined experience of over 65 years, they remain a singular source for ancient genetics, which enable the dogs to meet any and all tasks they are given. Their motto is “A step above and a mile ahead” and this Christian-based company is dedicated to being just that.

Multi-Purpose Canines