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Frogman Foundry

Navigating terrain with a map and compass is a skillset that has largely been lost to the marvels of today’s GPS technology. Many of us have become so dependent on the integration of GPS into our devices, we have lost the ability to find our way without external support.

Join us for the next Frogman Foundry where kids will learn about the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS), and the continued value of navigating by map and compass. Our resident SEALs will teach children how to reference a map, and then send then on their way for a scavenger hunt once mission planning is complete!

Encouraging character, discipline, and leadership, the Frogman Foundry is an opportunity for young people to learn more about the history of our country and the role Navy SEALs and their predecessors have played. Recommended for young people ages 10 to 15, the Frogman Foundry is included with paid admission to the Museum. Free for members.

Next Frogman Foundry
Saturday, June 16
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

January Frogman Foundry | Dog Days of the Museum