Scramble the Seawolves

Theater Thursday Special Feature: Scramble the Seawolves

HA(L)-3 Navy Seawolves
Vietnam • Mekong Delta • 1966-1972

Produced by Arbollo Entertainment, Scramble the Seawolves is a captivating documentary about the US Navy’s first and only dedicated Attack Helicopter Gunship Squadron. Established in 1967 in support of Game Warden Operations in the Mekong Delta, Republic of Vietnam, Helicopter Attack (LIGHT) Squadron THREE Seawolves, also known as HA(L)-3, would mark an unprecedented chapter in Naval Aviation.

Scramble the Seawolves tells the stories of these brave warriors, told by the men themselves who lived them. Approximately 2556 men–maintainers, personnel, gunners, and pilots–volunteered for this unforgiving duty, with no promise of compensation or safe return. With hand-me-down Hueys and the spirit of ingenuity, courage, and resolve, the Seawolves became the most decorated Squadron in the Vietnam War and in Naval Aviation History.

As time marches forward, the surviving men are aging, along with their many original films, videos, and pictures. Scramble the Seawolves brings to life their incredible stories of service, sacrifice, and SEAL support.

The Navy SEAL Museum has the privilege of showing this documentary in our theater every Thursday, throughout the day, beginning January 11, 2024. The 1:47 minute film will be available to our guests upon paid admission into the Museum on Thursdays through March 28, 2024.

This feature will be shown at 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 2:00 PM during the Museum’s regular hours of operation every Thursday.

We cannot share the unique history of the Navy SEALs without including combat support teams like the Seawolves who aided their efforts. The Museum has refurbished a UH-1B Huey helicopter that will be included in our permanent collection. This original Huey, flown by Seawolves during the Vietnam War, is coming to the Museum later this year. Support Recommissioning History

“We made it our mission to never have to tell another American Mother that her son wasn’t coming home.” –Jim Walker, HA(L)-3, Navy Cross Recipient

“For the Seawolves of the Delta, doing the outstanding was routine. Sometimes we did even better and accomplished the impossible.” –Sam Aydelotte, Seawolf

“I don’t know a single SEAL who operated in Vietnam who wasn’t saved by these guys at least once. They were the best helo crews I’d ever seen. The Seawolves crew were real heroes.” –Captain (SEAL) Robert A. Gromly, USN.


U.S. Navy “Seawolves”
South Vietnam 1966-1972

Most Decorated Navy Squadron of the Vietnam War

By Tom Hawkins
During Vietnam, everything was new for Navy SEALs. This included helicopter supported “air” capabilities, which were developed as elective methods of operation, that is, when helicopter support could actually be obtained.
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U.S. Navy “Seawolves” South Vietnam 1966-1972
U.S. Navy “Seawolves” South Vietnam 1966-1972