Multi-purpose Canines

Like the Navy SEALs, Combat Assault Dogs are highly trained, highly skilled, and highly motivated Special Ops experts, able to perform extraordinary military missions by Sea, Air and Land. The highly versatile canines contribute to saving the lives of SEALs every day. Their intensive training allows them to locate explosives, track and detain individuals, and clear buildings.

In addition to the tactical abilities they bring to the force, multipurpose canines create strong bonds with their human teammates, helping to boost morale. Intensive training together builds trust between handler and canine. These dogs are regularly deployed with SEALs to serve as invaluable armament.

Bullet is the Navy SEAL Museum’s multipurpose canine. While he has never served in active duty, Bullet serves as both an asset to the facility and an educational tool for guests visiting the Museum.

Multi-purpose Canines Gallery
Navy SEALs Multi-purpose Canines

Canines who have died in the line of duty

Spike 22 Dec 2006 (KIA)
Robiek 23 March 2008 (KIA)
Falco 15 June 2008 (KIA)
Toby 26 Nov 2008 (KIA)
Mialo 24 Feb 2009 (KIA)
Remco 7 July 2009 (KIA)
Bart 6 Aug 2011 (KIA)
Bronco 2 May 2013 (KIA)
Rando 17 June 2011 (KIT)
Mustaf Aug 2017 (KIT)