Memorial Day 2020. Navy SEAL Museum Annual Memorial Day Ceremony

Never Forgotten, We Speak Their Names
Memorial Day 2020

The mission of the National Navy SEAL Museum is to preserve the history and heritage of our Frogmen from World War II to the present day, and to honor our Fallen at the Museum’s Memorial Wall.

We are the only museum in the world dedicated solely to the history of Naval Special Warfare, and we remember our Fallen by honoring their lives and legacies on the black granite walls of our Memorial. The Museum is dedicated to this mission every day, but Memorial Day is a solemn day set aside to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. We express our humility and gratitude to the families who carry the burden of this loss for a lifetime.

Because we are unable to gather together for this reverent day at our Memorial Wall, we invite you to reflect on the greatness of our nation because of the great sacrifice of our Fallen Heroes. For this Memorial Day, I have asked many of my friends and Teammates from all over the world–and even from space–to help me recite the 304 names of each of the Frogmen who have died from World War II to present day. The Museum is grateful for their participation in the video below.

It has been said that a man dies twice. The first time is when he ceases to breathe. The second time is when his name is spoken for the last time. Today, we honor our Fallen by remembering their lives. You honor them by sharing this video with your fellow Americans.

Never forgotten, we speak their names.

Long Live The Brotherhood.

Rick Kaiser
Navy SEAL Museum Executive Director