The SEAL Experience

Welcome to the Navy SEAL Museum’s SEAL Experience, the program that encourages participants to set–and exceed–exceptional goals for themselves under the guidance and direction of three experienced Navy SEALs. Through this exclusive opportunity, participants will gain new understanding of and appreciation for the precepts for which the program is named, inspired by the warriors of Naval Special Warfare who uphold these same mandates: Service, Endurance, Achievement, Leadership.

The six-week program’s curriculum focuses on increasing self-confidence, facilitating friendly competition, encouraging teamwork, promoting mental fortitude, and advancing physical fitness. Additionally, participants will experience the Navy SEAL Museum as narrated by Master Chief Ken Corona, Master Chief Rick Kaiser, and Commander Grant Mann. With more than 90 years combined combat and training experience among them, the Museum’s Executive Team is the authority on discipline, sacrifice, and service to others.

This special program was inspired by the Museum’s partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Saint Lucie County. Our Museum’s Executive Team of retired Navy SEALs is so honored to work with a group of motivated young people each week. The mental and physical challenges change weekly. Visit the gallery of images to see some of what our young participants are learning.

Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County