Leonard Joseph Bock, Jr.

Leonard Joseph Bock, Jr.

Age: 17-18
Branch: USNR
Rank(s): S2c, S1c
Unit(s): UDT19, UDT7 (Restaffed)
Station: U.S.S. Hopping

Fallen on: 09 Apr 1945
Location: Japan
Campaign: Tsugen Shima

Medals & Commendations: Purple Heart (awarded posthumously)

Hometown: Essex 21, MD

While in Buckner Bay on a reconnaissance operation on April 9, 1945, the U.S.S. Hopping engaged a concealed enemy shore battery. While silencing the gun, it sustained several damaging hits. Leonard was declared “Killed In Action” in this engagement during the war. He was the only crewmen lost in this attack. He was awarded the Purple Heart and was buried at sea.