Howard “Red, Dynamite Joe” Livingston Roeder

Howard “Red, Dynamite Joe” Livingston Roeder

Age: 29
Branch: USNR
Rank(s): GM1c, CGM (CB) (AA)
Unit(s): UDT2, UDT10
Station: U.S.S. Burrfish

Fallen on: 07 Feb 1945
Location: Gagil Tomil, Yap Island
Campaign:  Reconnaisance of Yap Island

Medals & Commendations: Purple Heart Medal (awarded posthumously), Silver Star Medal (awarded posthumously)

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Chief Roeder was a member of a UDT Team that embarked on the U.S.S. Burrfish (SS-312), making a reconnaissance of the beaches at Palau and Yap in 1944 to prepare for the invasion.  He and two others were captured on August 20, 1944. Japanese Navy received the POWs in Palau. Howard Livingston Roeder (CPO, USN), John C. MacMahon (CPO, USN) and Robert Armstrong Black (First Class Petty Officer) were placed aboard Special sub-chaser URUPPU MARU on 2 September 1944 at Palau for transfer via Davao to Manila. Chief Roeder was officially declared dead on 7 Feb 1945.