Carmon “Cuz” F. Pirro

Carmon “Cuz” F. Pirro

Age: 26
Branch: USNR
Rank(s): Ens.,D-V(S), Lt.(jg), D-V (G)
Unit: Scouts & Raiders
Station: Fort Pierce, FL

Fallen on: 30 Dec 1943
Location: Nettuno, Italy
Campaign: Operation Shingle

Medals & Commendations: Purple Heart Medal (awarded posthumously), Silver Star Medal (awarded posthumously)

Hometown: New York, NY

Lt. Pirro was one of two Scouts & Raiders who failed to return from a scouting mission before the Sicilian invasion. Both were Ensigns, both had kayaks. Both had the mission of scouting the beaches prior to the invasion. Informed in October 1991 that Ensigns Howe and Pirro were executed as spies when captured while scouting landing sites in Sicily.