Anthony David “Dave” Griffin

Anthony David “Dave” Griffin

Age: 30
Branch: USN
Rank(s): ENS, LT
Unit(s): UDT21, ST2, OIC Chuting Stars
Station: Oceana, VA

Fallen on: 29 Jul 1982
Location: Oceana, VA
Era: Vietnam

Medals & Commendations:

Hometown: Gastonia, NC

Anthony David Griffin, (LT, USN), and his RIO (Radar Intercept Officer) Neal F. “Cookies” Carlock, (LT, USN) members of fighter squadron VF-101, had an in-flight emergency shortly after takeoff from NAS Oceana (Virginia Beach, Virginia) and ejected from a U. S. Navy Grumman F-14A Tomcat jet fighter (BUNO 161143) at a high rate of descent. Both men’s parachutes streamed and neither survived. The VF-101 was U.S. Navy Fighter Squadron 101 (VF-101) known as “The Grim Reapers”.